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BTW, I am 47 years old. I lived in 23 countries in my life, Germany, Russia and China among them and I speak 34 languages. I also have a PH.D from Oxford in political science and worked for the US state department for 77 years in Russia.
 The US and the Crime of Genocide Against Native Americans
Zbigniew Brzezinski's book "The Grand Chessboard" said that Americans would only support the military plans of the US neocons "in the circumstance of a truly massive and widely perceived direct external threat", another example of a US motive for carrying out the 9/11 attacks.

 German Nazi Party member Joseph Goebbels became Adolf Hitler's propaganda minister in 1933, which gave him power over all German radio, press, cinema, and theater.
 In 1925 Goebbels met the party leader Adolf Hitler. In 1926 he was made Gauleiter, or party leader, for the region of Berlin, and in 1927 he founded and became editor of the official National Socialist periodical Der Angriff (The Attack). He was elected to the Reichstag, the German parliament, in 1928. By exploiting mob emotions and by employing all modern methods of propaganda Goebbels helped Hitler into power.

 His work as a propagandist materially aided Hitler's rise to power in 1933. When Hitler seized power in 1933, Goebbels was appointed Reichsminister for propaganda and national enlightenment. From then until his death, Goebbels used all media of education and communications to further Nazi propagandistic aims, instilling in the Germans the concept of their leader as a veritable god and of their destiny as the rulers of the world. In 1938 he became a member of the Hitler cabinet council. Late in World War II, in 1944, Hitler placed him in charge of total mobilization.

 As Reichsminister for Propaganda and National Enlightenment, Goebbels was given complete control over radio, press, cinema, and theater; later he also regimented all German culture. Goebbels placed his undeniable intelligence and his brilliant insight into mass psychology entirely at the service of his party. His most virulent propaganda was against the Jews. As a hypnotic orator he was second only to Hitler, and in his staging of mass meetings and parades he was unsurpassed. Utterly cynical, he seems to have believed only in the self-justification of power. He remained loyal to Hitler until the end. On May 1, 1945, as Soviet troops were storming Berlin, Goebbels committed suicide.
 Listed below are the principles purported to summarize what made Goebbels tick or fail to tick. They may be thought of as his intellectual legacy. Whether the legacy has been reliably deduced is a methodological question. Whether it is valid is a psychological matter. Whether or when parts of it should be utilized in a democratic society are profound and disturbing problems of a political and ethical nature.

 Based upon Goebbels' Principles of Propaganda by Leonard W. Doob, published in Public Opinion and Propaganda; A Book of Readings edited for The Society for the Psychological Study of Social Issues.
 1. Propagandist must have access to intelligence concerning events and public opinion.
 2. Propaganda must be planned and executed by only one authority.
 a. It must issue all the propaganda directives.
 b. It must explain propaganda directives to important officials and maintain their morale.
 c. It must oversee other agencies' activities which have propaganda consequences
 3. The propaganda consequences of an action must be considered in planning that action.
 4. Propaganda must affect the enemy's policy and action.
 a. By suppressing propagandistically desirable material which can provide the enemy with useful intelligence
 b. By openly disseminating propaganda whose content or tone causes the enemy to draw the desired conclusions
 c. By goading the enemy into revealing vital information about himself
 d. By making no reference to a desired enemy activity when any reference would discredit that activity
 5. Declassified, operational information must be available to implement a propaganda campaign
 6. To be perceived, propaganda must evoke the interest of an audience and must be transmitted through an attention-getting communications medium.
 7. Credibility alone must determine whether propaganda output should be true or false.
 8. The purpose, content and effectiveness of enemy propaganda; the strength and effects of an expose; and the nature of current propaganda campaigns determine whether enemy propaganda should be ignored or refuted.
 9. Credibility, intelligence, and the possible effects of communicating determine whether propaganda materials should be censored.
 10. Material from enemy propaganda may be utilized in operations when it helps diminish that enemy's prestige or lends support to the propagandist's own objective.
 11. Black rather than white propaganda may be employed when the latter is less credible or produces undesirable effects.
 12. Propaganda may be facilitated by leaders with prestige.
 13. Propaganda must be carefully timed.
 a. The communication must reach the audience ahead of competing propaganda.
 b. A propaganda campaign must begin at the optimum moment
 c. A propaganda theme must be repeated, but not beyond some point of diminishing effectiveness
 14. Propaganda must label events and people with distinctive phrases or slogans.
 a. They must evoke desired responses which the audience previously possesses
 b. They must be capable of being easily learned
 c. They must be utilized again and again, but only in appropriate situations
 d. They must be boomerang-proof
 15. Propaganda to the home front must prevent the raising of false hopes which can be blasted by future events.
 16. Propaganda to the home front must create an optimum anxiety level.
 a. Propaganda must reinforce anxiety concerning the consequences of defeat
 b. Propaganda must diminish anxiety (other than concerning the consequences of defeat) which is too high and which cannot be reduced by people themselves
 17. Propaganda to the home front must diminish the impact of frustration.
 a. Inevitable frustrations must be anticipated
 b. Inevitable frustrations must be placed in perspective
 18. Propaganda must facilitate the displacement of aggression by specifying the targets for hatred.
 19. Propaganda cannot immediately affect strong counter-tendencies; instead it must offer some form of action or diversion, or both.
excerpted from: Lindsay Glauner, The Need for Accountability and Reparation: 1830-1976 the United States Government's Role in the Promotion, Implementation, and Execution of the Crime of Genocide Against Native Americans , 51 DePaul Law Review 911-961, 911-917 (Spring 2002)(349 Footnotes)
The opposite of love is not hate; it's indifference.
The opposite of art is not ugliness; it's indifference.
The opposite of faith is not heresy; it's indifference.
The opposite of life is not death; it's indifference.
Because of indifference, one dies before one actually dies.
Elie Wiesel.
On September 8, 2000, the head of the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA) formally apologized for the agency's participation in the "ethnic cleansing" of Western tribes. From the forced relocation and assimilation of the "sauvage" to the white man's way of life to the forced sterilization of Native Americans, the BIA set out to "destroy all things Indian." Through the exploration of the United States' Federal Indian policy, it is evident that this policy intended to "destroy, in whole or in part," the Native American population. The extreme disparity in the number of Native American people living within the United States' borders at the time Columbus arrived, approximately ten million compared to the approximate 2.4 million Indians and Eskimos alive in the United States today, is but one factor that illustrates the success of the government's plan of "Manifest Destiny."
No longer can we remain indifferent and justify these acts of genocide committed by the United States government, its agencies, and its personnel against Native Americans as a result of colonization or the need to establish a prosperous union. Instead, the United States government, its agencies, and those involved with carrying out the measures designed to inflict genocidal acts against the Native American population must be held in violation of customary international law, as well as conventional international law, as proscribed in the Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide (Genocide Convention).
The term "genocide" was coined by Raphael Lemkin in 1944 and was derived from the Greek word genos, which means tribe or race, and the Latin word cide, which is commonly found in words such as homicide, infanticide, and fratricide. In his first enunciation of "genocide," Lemkin defined the term in two different ways: (1) "the practice of extermination of nations and ethnic groups as carried out by invaders" and (2) "[the] destruction of the national pattern of the oppressed group; the other, the imposition of the national pattern of the oppressor." Currently, "genocide" is commonly defined as "acts committed with intent to destroy in whole or in part a national, ethnical, racial or religious group."
The crime of "genocide" is recognized as one of the most heinous international crimes under customary international law. A practice is proscribed as a crime under customary international law through the existence of the following: (1) uniformity of state practice, (2) generality of state practice, and (3) the opinion that state practice is required by law. Customary international law also recognizes any crime that is universally condemned by the international community as a jus cogens international crime, which gives rise to obligations erga omnes. In accordance with customary international law, an obligation erga omnes requires a state party to extradite or prosecute perpetrators of these crimes found within its territory. Because the international community has universally condemned genocide, as evidenced in part by the ratification of the Genocide Convention, it has risen to the level of a jus cogens international crime. As a result, any individuals, agencies, or states that commit genocide must be held accountable.
On December 9, 1948, the United Nations General Assembly approved a draft of the Genocide Convention on the Prevention and Punishment of Genocide, and since then 135 states have ratified the Convention, including the United States. According to the Vienna Convention on the Laws of Treaties, conventions are binding and enforceable against all states that have signed and ratified the specific convention. Therefore, in accordance to Article IV of the Genocide Convention, which requires all parties to prosecute those charged with genocide, conspiracy to commit genocide, direct andpublic incitement to commit genocide, attempt to commit genocide, and complicity in genocide, regardless of their capacity as a ruler or public official, in a competent tribunal within the State where the crime took place or in a competent international tribunal that has proper jurisdiction over the case, any persons or agencies that commit acts of genocide within the territory of the United States must be held accountable for their crimes.
Even though the crime of genocide remains universally condemned by the international community, the United States government, its agencies, and its personnel have been effectively granted de facto immunity. The time has come to hold the perpetrators of these acts of genocide accountable and to formulate a system of reparation for the victims of these heinous international crimes, in order for the world, as well as the victims, to realize that justice does prevail in the international community.
This Comment will address the demise of Native Americans' livelihood, reproductive rights, and identity at the hands of the United States government, its agencies, and its personnel. Because the United States had a direct role in perpetrating genocidal acts against Native Americans, it must be held accountable for these acts. The international community must hold these agencies and persons responsible, and an apology and reparations must be awarded to Native Americans for their grave losses. While the need for reparations is clear, the method used to provide these reparations remains at issue.

What Drug Companies Hide-Anti Biotics MADE FROM HORSE URINE
[This page represents my own beliefs, experiences, and practices. It is not medical advice. I did my research and each reader must do his own. I am not responsible for how a person uses this information. I AM NOT A DOCTOR. WARNING: I read that it is possible for people who are taking drugs to overdose if they consume their urine and continue to take their drugs (excess drug comes out in the urine). Also I have heard of a time when a person's wounds were treated with urine from a soldier who had a veneral disease and caught the disease. We need to know what we are dealing with. Some people may not know that they have a sexually transmitted disease--these diseases can lie latent for many years. I'd use my own own urine for my wounds.] Uses of Urine I knew someone who was a proponent of Urine Therapy. He said that it cured his cancer. He gave me books on the subject. He was a former pharmacist who had owned his own pharmacy for approximately 28 years but renounced pharmacy after discovering the practices of the pharmaceutical companies. Normal urine is clean. In urine, your body is flushing out the excess minerals, etc. that it did not need. It is used extensively in medicine and agriculture. It may be called urea [urea is found in urine but as I understand it, it may also be made synthetically today]. In an old college textbook I saw a picture of a cow raised only on urine protein and her calf. [Aside: Today, I read that they'll feed animals not only urine products but dung/manure and sawdust mixed in with grain. How can this be? Well, dung used to be used to fertilize crops, but now with these huge, monoculture farms farmers use synthetic fertilizers. This leaves monoculture cattle farmers with a lot of dung on their hands that they must dispose of--they have no pastures or fields to put it on. False science has developed a noxious mixture of dung, lumberyard scraps, and token grain that they make into pellets to feed the cattle that we buy--I don't know how widespread the use of these pellets is.] The Porta John company (the people who make portable toilets) website has a link for "pharmaceuticals" on the left-hand side menu of their homepage at toilets.com. It is said that they sell urine proteins. As I understand it, horse urine is used in Premarin (pregnant mare urine) for women going through menopause (see premarin.org). As in practically all modern agriculture, the horses that supply urine are not treated well. Urine is also believed to help combat allergies. I've had severe pollen allergies for over 30 years. Knowing that the time is coming when Christians will not be able to buy and sell caused me anxiety because I would not be able to purchase allergy medicine. I looked in one of those urine books and it said that urine relieves allergy symptoms. Unsavory as it was at first, I gave it a try. I did it for an entire year to prove that urine can be used to treat allergies. My allergies are so bad that they can bring on an asthma-like attack if they are not treated. I made it through that year dabbing a little in the inside of my nostrils with a q-tip. [Update: last year, after I had been treating myself for a while, I saw a little blood on the q-tip. With that in mind, I've recently started diluting the urine with water.] I've sometimes dabbed some in my ears too, because they can itch during allergy season. Each treatment lasted about four hours, but I often did it whenever I went to the bathroom. If the urine is strong it can sting, so I STOPPED putting it in the eyes. I got tired of using urine so I went back to over-the-counter medicine knowing that I could use urine at any time. [Update: I am back on urine and have developed various mixtures--nasal rinse, a greatly diluted eye wash to dab *over* my eyelids, one to dab in my nostrils, and one for ear drops taking care to make sure excess water drains out from the drops.] [4/16/11 Update: This allergy season took half of an allergy pill once or twice a day and that was enough for a while. Then I had to take one whole pill at a time. I was taking maybe 1 or 2 pills a day which was a great find. An even greater find was that I could "mechanically" remove the pollen by submerging my face in a sink of warm water, flush my ears with a bulb syringe, and wash my face. I took no allergy medicine today (or urine) and have been doing well. I did this protocol this morning, then maybe again around noon, and then after I sneezed in the late afternoon as I worked outside. When I sneezed, I came in and mechanically removed the pollen and the attack did not continue.] I read that putting a few drops of urine under the tongue increases the potency, but that is an unsavory proposition. I did it a few times and, as I recall, I could go a LONG time (maybe 12 hours) without another treatment--but I didn't like the idea. [Update: my allergies can get so bad that I must take an oral dose and it has to increase when the pollen gets worse. I swab the nostrils and at the worst times, I squirt 15 half dropperfuls down the back of my throat. When I was taking a dose down my throat, it actually instantly relieved my throat which was irritated and sore from allergies (I have a way of grating my throat when it itches to "scratch" the itch which leaves it raw feeling). About the same time I heard from an acquaintance that he used urine for a sore throat too. We live in the end times and I want to know how to help myself and not have to rely on man. Some use urine for sore throats (gargle) and toothache (swish in mouth)] Some people make a tincture of urine where it is diluted by many times in drinking alcohol--NOT rubbing alcohol like what is in your medicine cabinet. The man who introduced me to urine therapy drank about 8 ounces of urine a day. This is not unknown in other countries. Some people still drink urine--from cattle owners who drink cow's urine, to a former prime minister of India, Morarji Desai, who drank his own urine and testified of its health benefits. My father said as he was growing up he heard that you could swish it around in your mouth when you had a toothache and then spit it out. I've heard that military men have stood in it to get rid of athlete's foot fungus. Dilute it with water and it can be used to fertilize your plants--store bought fertilizers often have "urea" as a chief nitrogen source ingredient (as I understand it, urea can also go under other names). One man recommended urine for a baby with skin problems--he said wipe a wet diaper on the affected area. I read about an Eskimo tribe that used urine as the treatment of choice for washing wounds. I dipped a wound in it and there was no stinging, but the wound had clotted over by that time, as I recall. Some women use urine to beautify skin and hair, and on and on... They say that it is good to collect urine when your allergies symptoms first come on because it contains lots of antibodies that your body produced to combat the pollen. Years ago, I was given "Your Body's Own Perfect Medicine" and am glad to have it on my bookshelf. Revelation 13 let me know that I had to stop relying on the grocery store. That meant I had to find a solution to my allergies. I found my allergy answer in urine but I am convinced that there are many, many other answers as well such as answers to infections. [UPDATE: http://users.erols.com/martinlara/ has information of great interest, the books, are unavailable at this time but just reading the synopses and table of contents was of great interest. Also on the site is what Mr. Lara calls, "The Universal Remedy."] [Update: I had itching poison ivy. I had calamine lotion on it but said the next time it itched I would try urine. I swabbed it on full strength with a cotton ball and the itching did not return.] From an email-- > The man who told me about urine therapy (the former pharmacist) gave me a > couple of books about it which have proven very useful to me. > > *Your Own Perfect Medicine: The Incredible Proven Natural Miracle Cure > that Medical Science has Never Revealed -- by Martha M. Christy. Includes > some of the mechanisms by which urine works. Easy to read with well > placed technical details. It could be read cover to cover. I read enough > to figure out how to treat my allergies. > * * http://users.erols.com/martinlara/ If you surf around the internet and other places for information, remember you must not simply believe everything that you read--you must research and consider what is before you. Did you know Premarin is made from Horse Urine? Estrogen Replacement Therapy Please Don't Contribute to the Cruelty of animals • Premarin, which is made from horse urine, is derived from PREgnant MARes' urINe. If you dissolve Premarin in a small amount of water, you will notice that it smells like piss, that's because it is made from pure horse urine. • Each year approximately 75,000 mares are impregnated and suffer being confined in small stalls so that all their urine can be collected in bags hanging beneath them. The Horses are given less than normal amounts of water in order to produce a heavier concentration of estrogen in their urine. These cruely treated horses are unable to exercise or lie down comfortably and endure severe physical and emotional trauma. Many develop hoof deformities, open sores from chafing by the urine bags, and respiratory disorders from inadequate ventilation, to name a few. The emotional pain of being unable to move, rest adequately, or socialize with other horses and with caring human beings is beyond measure. Also important to know is that humans don't have any of the co-factors required to metabolize equilin and the other horse estrogens, nor does the body have enough cofactors to deal with the excessively large amounts of Estrone and Estradiol found in Premarin (or in the 100% Estradiol "patch"). Due to the cruelty of animals and other Premarin and Prempro side effects, more and more women are opting for natural Estrogen Replacement. Did you know that most women have too much estrogen, and need more natural progesterone. Are you suffering from Estrogen Dominance Syndrome?