The Jingoist Republugh Turd get Answered

Oy Veh! e:Why is Reagan not blamed for skyrocketing tuition

The depth of your depravity is in full bloom, Reagan hasn't been President in 27 years and you still blame him for all the things I am certain that I am arguing with another Jew who Was Leader in Prep School at Debate!

Yes, I am a Professional Argumentation Excellente' Expletive, Deleted

I remember all the Posted Arguments I post, I attack Ronald Reagan because He Was a Cult Leader, and suckered me into Voting for him!

I also Voted for Obama, only because I got a $300.00 cash dividend from the "Pen Maestro. Oh the Glorious Parker Fountain Pen...Obama's Pen flowed Green Ink, to Me! The Second Time? Goyim liar! Nada!

I was born in 1949. I am able to Search (Web Crawler) what my memory sees, and Obtain The news articles that back my Memories, of Whatever I Seek to Allow.
Thus far, your arguments are mere logical fallacies; actually you are a troll. I would you listen to another Argumentative Jew, "Dr. Michael Savage (nee: Weiner! Lol) who has the ability to Present Great Facts (On the Fly, mine is Off The Cuff, I need Notes!) to Back his presentation, AND...goy, He will deliver a Homily from Torah that takes you farther than Timothy Leary & Robert Anton Wilson + LSD 25.

However, I am very much trying a new experiment in social reverse-engineering. I am trying to Rip Your Snide Hateful ass Out of your Stinking Self Satisfied Smug belief in "The Americoon Mind Fuck."

Think about this:
    In January 2006, Ilan Halimi, a Jewish cell phone salesman, waited on an attractive young woman who seemed to be showing more interest in him than in the merchandise. She asked for his phone number. He gave it--a fatal mistake.
    Her ploy led Halimi into the hands of young French Muslim terrorists who held him prisoner. For twenty-four horrendous days they took turns torturing him and left him for dead. Halimi was found naked, handcuffed and bound to a tree, with burns over 80 percent of his body.
    To the French Jewish community's dismay, French authorities initially did not view the murder as a hate crime. Subsequently, they changed their minds. When the gang leader was found guilty, he proclaimed, "I killed a Jew, and for that I will go to Paradise."
Okay. The Cult of Reagan has brought Americans into "The French Attitude" as is above..
He was Hated well before his first half of the Second Term, "What Killed Nixon's Goose Also Screwed Reagan: MEDIA! "

Remember C-span & the all day all night Iran Contra Hearings? It was Patently Obvious that Reagan had Secretively Imported Cocaine, Sold Guns to Terrorists, and the Ollie Norths, the Testimony, caused Reagan to Hide Behind a Lie, "Dementia!" The People who Actually Cared & Voted from Above the Shoulders were not fooled.
The Articles in the San Jose Mercury News broke a story by Gary Webb, which I was Personally Witness to the Arkansas operation, being a Resident of Hot Springs until 1990.

I Will Lash Out at What is "Beyond The Shadow of Any Doubt" the Filthy Lies that Uneducated Jingoist Trolls such as you push. Carson Bohrer.

People like you, with absolutely no ideas or relative real life to fall back upon to gain guidance, you are a prime example of the bewildered herd, and they have a function in democracy too. Their function in a democracy, [Lippmann] said, is to be "spectators," not participants in action. But they have more of a function r than that, because it's a democracy. Occasionally they are allowed to lend their weight to one or another member of the specialized class. In other words, they're allowed to say, "We want you to be our leader" or "We want you to be our leader." That's because it's a democracy and not a totalitarian state. That's called an election. But once they've lent their weight to one or another member of the specialized class they're supposed to sink back and become spectators of action, but not participants. That's in a properly functioning democracy.

The bewildered herd is a problem. We've got to prevent their roar and trampling. We've got to distract them. They should be watching the Superbowl or sitcoms or violent movies. Every once in a while you call on them to chant meaningless slogans like "Support our troops." You've got to keep them pretty scared, because unless they're properly scared and frightened of all kinds of devils that are going to destroy them from outside or inside or somewhere, they may start to think, which is very dangerous, because they're not competent to think. Therefore it's important to distract them and marginalize them.(Edward Bernays,) the leading figure in the public relations industry

" The people who are able to engineer consent are the ones who have the resources and the power to do it-the business community-and that's who you work for.
Now if You can actually Think, Reflectively as opposed to Reactionary (a Bovine Trait) you shall come to understand; The 2 Party System is "PARTYING AS YOU- SLAVE, PAY with your Soul!