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cost to Europe of complying with Washington's sanctions against Russia The original title, "Answering for America", was descriptive enough for what the author was getting across, which was talking about how she encounters assorted Europeans who ask her what the hell has happened to the United States of America in general. People are truly, honestly, wondering if we've all gone completely insane. Paul Craig Roberts has been watching the overall situation, and he sums it up fairly well.https://jleagan.wordpress.com/2015/01/17/2015-01-15-has-america-gone-crazy/ The cost to Europe of complying with Washington's sanctions against Russia has reached the breaking point -- PaulCraigRoberts.org Here in the US, this seems to be missing from the main news media, pushed aside and quietly ignored by other things, with the other things being a subject of their own. Generally speaking, if it did get any attention, people would be fed a continuation of the nonsensical and fictional narratives from the Washington neocon cult about being an example of "Russian aggression", some sort of extortion and coercion and general bullying from the evil Putin and Russia to dominate Europe. Missing from the news here is the more honest and realistic story. It can be understood pretty simply as an indicator that the Russians are getting completely fed up with the misbehavior and lunacy directed at them, especially the stream of "economic sanctions" directed at them by Washington in conjunction with European governments going along with Washington's demands, supposedly "to punish Russia's behavior". What terrible Russian behavior is being "punished" is a good question, because this is into the realm of fiction, just outright bold lying. There's "Russian aggression and invasion", with Washington pointing to the Russian military presence in Crimea, as a Washington backed coup d'etat in Kiev overthrew the elected Ukrainian government, where the Russian military had been all along, with the Russian naval base in Crimea on the Black Sea coast having been there as long as there has been a Russian navy. The "seizure of Crimea" was actually Russia absorbing Crimea back into Russia, as it had been until 1954, with the Russian annexation coming as a result of an overwhelming massive majority of the people in Crimea voting to separate from Ukraine, after the overthrow of the Ukrainian national government, wanting no part of that, and formally ask to be part of Russia again.