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Ingo Swann is a natural psychic, creator of Coordinate Remote Viewing (CRV) protocols, astrologer and an artist

Ingo Swann -
Natural Psychic, Creator of Coordinate Remote Viewing (CRV) Protocols, Astrologer and Artist

Ingo Swann, born a naturally gifted psychic, is the man who coined the term "Remote Viewing." He was a research subject at Stanford Research Institute in the 1970s and escaped from the typical “guinea pig” mold by forcing the “researchers” (under threat of resignation) to take notice of his ability to break down and understand psychic functioning. Hal Puthoff at SRI was commissioned by the DIA (Defense Intelligence Agency) to come up with a reliable technique for intelligence collection purposes. The prevailing logic (left over from CIA research) maintained that research subjects should only do what they are told. They were not supposed to have any thoughts or ideas of their own. This frustrated Ingo, as he had seen many subjects “burn out” and did not want to be another casualty of the system. He had researched the earliest PSI experiments by pioneers such as Rene Warcollier, and in many respects knew more than those who were conducting the experiments at SRI. The scientists, unable to create a reliable and repeatable process, finally gave up and allowed Ingo to develop his ideas.

Ingo studied and documented his own psychic data gathering system and the miracle of Remote Viewing as a learned - trained skill was realized. Ingo, working with Hal Puthoff coined the new discovery “Coordinate Remote Viewing” or “CRV” (Now known as "Controlled" or "Technical" Remote Viewing) The DIA sent Ingo five people who were about as “psychic as rocks” to undergo the first prototype CRV training to test the newly discovered remote viewing techniques.

The results were more then what anybody could have imagined. Using only a couple of Ingo’s Swann’s students, the Defense Intelligence Agency took Ingo’s protocols (which they had paid for) and funded a “Top Secret” remote viewing unit which to this day has never been formally declassified.

In 1989, the Remote Viewing unit was disbanded under the umbrella of the DIA. Albert Stubblebine, the presiding General of Intelligence Security Command, sat as Chairman of the Board of a private corporation called PSI TECH. The true visionary that the General was, he ensured the safety and continuity of the remote viewing technology by bringing it out into the public. The trained remote viewers began to work for PSI TECH and Ingo was brought on as a consultant.

Ingo's CRV training protocols and structured technique is now used by the most prominent remote viewers and remote viewing operations. Those trained in Ingo Swann's technology are still sought by government and law enforcement agencies to provide remote viewing data on subjects and cases where conventional methods fail. Because his techniques allowed any human being to be trained to access their innate psychic abilities, a historic first, thousands of people are now able to successfully learn remote viewing. He has long been considered the "Father of Remote Viewing."


Website: Ingo Swann - Super Powers of the Human Biomind


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