Famous killers and frame jobs

Famous FTRA killers

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Famous killers and frame jobs

With all this media hype about the FTRA, you know how many convicted killers they have mentioned in all their coverage?

Fucking two, yup two thats it, only two convicted killers are the basis of the whole F.T.R.A myth

You know how many murders alleged FTRA members have been convicted of, that have been reported in all these news articles?

A total of five.

That leaves hundreds unsolved murders that the media is trying to pin on the F.T.R.A of in the last 10 years but their is not really enough proof to convict anybody of most of them, (well they can probably convict Silvera a few more times), but that still leaves a lot of unsolved crime.

With claims that the F.T.R.A numbers as high as 5,000 this means that only 1 out of every 2,500 is actually a convicted killer.

Framed for murder

(The story about how dog man toney was framed for a murder that was commited while he was in jail and some other sloppy frame jobs)

So who is really killing all these Tramps?

Side Track ->Robert Silvera (confessed to four killings)

Missippie Bones ->(Convicted of one killing)

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