What the mind of humans can conceive humans can achieve
Humans are Created in the Image of God... therefore we can change!
There are trillions or quadrillions of stars (suns) in the myriad of galaxies!
Chances of finding life out there is virtually 100%
Now a Perfect God created all this...
How come he created us to be so susceptible to hatred and violence?
So here we have the creation of a Perfect being that show up like this?!
Put the Women in Charge...
They Create Persons and Will not Blow Them up!
Let us work together to eliminate the perceived differences between us
Accentuate the similarities.
Unfortunately for humankind, there are prejudices set in stone that need to be smashed.
One of these is the hatred for Jews all over the world.
The best example of this redneck Jew hating was presented on the screen recently...
Just watch Borat or Ali G and see Americans be as anti-Semitic as any good European!
Remember now that many so called non-Jews were forced conversions so there are many whose antecedents are in fact Jewish but they do not know it due to murderous persecutions and genocide.
Despite biblical indications to the end of those that trampled on Jews, the nations of the world keep up their attempts to erase Jews from the planet. What God hath put together, let no man tear asunder. An oxymoron often blurted out by anti-Semites is: "You killed our god."
How pathetic to say you can kill god! Yet the mindset lives on and millions have and continue to be slaughtered by those who claim to stand for the kindness of one that "died for our sins". In the Pentateuch (dictated to Moses by God) you find a section about a goat being sacrificed to Azazel on behalf of the people to eradicate their sins. This was done annually and whomever took the goat to the precipice never made it through to the next year.
Christianity is a shortcut to Judaism without the responsibilities of daily prayers, donning a prayer shawl and phylacteries (tefillin), circumcision, the Sabbath and ... 620 commandments (613 from the Torah plus 7 rabbinical) -- due to the destruction of the temple there are only 271 observed today.
So basically it was disgruntled Jews that founded Christianity. There is a movement afoot to explain scientifically how the ten plagues of Pass Over happened naturally! Can you imagine ten rare happenings taking place in a short condensed period of time? Now explain how he walked on water!?
It is very simple, because the killing of a certain Hebrew by the Romans had to be pinned on someone else and the best someone else to pint it on is the Hebrew tribes ... they get nothing for ever more, not even to be chosen by God. It was all a big mistake see ... why it says right here in the New bible some guys wrote quite some time after those events at the cross that they were Un-Chosen!
Now comes along a new prophet and these Hebrews still stick to their faith and will not accept him either! Surely they must die! And die they will! After all how could the repository of Christianity be in any way responsible for nailing people to the cross!
What the mind of humans can conceive, humans can achieve!
bullet Hope springs eternal in the human breast: Man never is, but always to be blest
bullet Alexander Pope.
Ramses II
Pharaoh declares himself a god -- he believed that despite actual events if you set something in stone . . . you could make it happen. [He invented dis-information.]
Ramses lived to his 80's...
So his people were convinced he was a god since they died in their '30's!

There's something happening here. What it is ain't exactly clear...
Buffalo Springfield

In America, you are free as long as you say what 'they' want you to say.

In the '60s the FBI under the guidance of a cross dresser homosexual who was more powerful than presidents persecuted everyone who said the 'wrong' things. John Lennon was murdered by a loser from Hawaii who could not hold a job for 4 years? He came into the United States to kill Lennon and into New York with a pistol The plane fare to Hawaii from New York is one of the most expensive tickets in the world. Nixon was after Lennon and there are plenty of documents to support this claim.

Martin Luther King was under close observation by the FBI for years. Che Guevara died at the hands of the CIA -- not the Bolivian army! How come schools don't teach the truth? How come the church thinks that priests molesting boys is only an American malaise? Priests have been molesting people for thousands of years this is not a new development!

Nuns and priests cohabited with each other and for centuries
bullet http://www.natcath.com/NCR_Online/archives/040601/040601d.htm
bullet http://www.snapnetwork.org/female_victims/dozens_allege_nuns.htm
bullet http://www.cwnews.com/news/viewstory.cfm?recnum=15997

And on and on and on ...

The underlying concepts of Christianity are at best questionable -- a religion cloaked in mysteries (read there is no explanation for this or that) such as the body of Christ -- some say it was physically removed while others claim he was seen walking about after the crucifixion... Not to mention the oxymoron of a virgin birth -- so common in Greek and other pagan mythologies that preceded this one. Many people even today are crucified willingly and survive!

The love of Christ and his forgiveness caused millions to die at the hands of his followers! So how come the church expects the most natural human events, namely sexuality to be repressed? How come the Vatican does not allow people to see the miles of books and stolen property from the Israelites' temple? How come Osama's family is partners with the Bushes? Is that a conflict of interest -- see the Carlyle Group.

How come Arabs want to exterminate Jews?

How come Jews have been persecuted since before the birth of Jesus -- a Jew? Our sages have written thousands of tomes on Torah yet those who know little come to teach us if the golden rule were news! Hillel said do unto others about 200 years before Jesus, yet it comes down to us as the latter's statement. The problem here is the Jews have never been allowed to speak the truth. This decreed under penalty of death and going back thousands of years.

Can we play together ... without claiming ours is the best?

Or the strongest? Or whatever, Is it not sad that all Arab lands and their people hate the Hebrews for no good reason given that Israel is a biblical historical heritage? How dare they claim possession of land given in the bible to the Hebrews? The truth is that all Arabs want to exterminate the Jews and throw them out of Israel.

Instead of uniting with the Israelis who only do good for the land these miscreants are banding against that diminutive yet strong nation! How about growing food in the desert? How about desalination of ocean water for drinking water? How about producing instead of their cycle of never ending destruction? Most anti-Semites look forward to the second coming of a Jew who will lead them to a one world order under his kingship.
An oxymoron to say the least.

The Nazis killed ten thousand children a day while the Pope watched as it were. Perhaps being the chosen people caused a bit of rage and jealousy in others? Perhaps instead of inventing religions, they should have united with the chosen people?

Did you know that Hitler made up his own religion based on paganism? Did you know he injected himself with methamphetamine (speed) five times a day!? Did you know that the reason the Germans were able to execute their 'blitzkriegs' all over Europe was because the soldiers carried hypodermic needles and injected themselves with speed every day?

Don't believe all that you hear!

Christianity and the age old tale of a virgin birth?
bullet This story of virgin birth repeats itself in many pagan beliefs.
bullet If they were so secure in their belief, Popes would not have required inquisitions, mass murders, torture chambers, public executions and burning people alive to enforce their reign of terror under the guise of 'truth'.
bullet The Messiah (anointed one) will bring peace eternal... Not what happened since Jesus was killed by the Romans! Christos means anointed one in Greek.
bullet Just take the word of God and add whatever you want to it.
bullet Then you can call it your testament, now 'you' can have a bible too!

Never mind that millions saw, and heard the giving of the law at Mount Sinai; just invent a new belief system. Annihilate the Jews, that will resolve mankind's woes.

Why not just change God's given Sabbath to Sunday? Just un-choose the Jews and all is well now! The anger and hatred directed towards Jews is jealousy and rage coming from those who had to make up their own religions because they could not accept the word of God brought down by his chosen people.
Humankind is not capable of giving in
bullet We have to be the best the greatest the strongest!
bullet Instead of saying "This is the word of God and we should believe it" people who were not born Jewish invented many religions they can call their own.

The Jews on the other hand follow the ways of the rest of the world...

Seeking to find some better belief system, not being able to accept who they are...

Tell them Jesus walked on water and they believe it; tell them the ten plagues and the giving of the Torah in front of 3 million people and they doubt it!
Is Earth a Violent Ghetto?
Why don't our interplanetary neighbors show themselves when they visit us? Could it be that they fear we will shoot projectiles at them instead of trying to communicate? What would earth look like if instead of drawing unnecessary imaginary lines on a map and being ready to kill with God on our side! When will we work together as humans to solve the world's problems? Are we all not on a big piece of dust floating in the Universe? Does science not tell us we are stardust?

The Inquisition Sadism and Torture in the Name of God?

Courtesy of the Catholic church! Do you accept Jesus? Does 'the truth' require torture to be enforced?

A treatment for Jews and other infidels...

Not ready to accept the truth and kindness of Jesus yet?
Ladies have their place too!

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And they call other belief systems cults!

Agree with me or die!?