you dont no need no nomey in america

You don't need money in America, you don't need shelter, you don't
need to buy clothes, you don't need to pay for medical care, you
don't need to work, but you can work if you want to, the whole
country is yours, literally, you can ride thousands of miles on
freight trains with nothing but a bit of loose change, I've done it,
sometimes I left home with 25 or 50 cents, rode all over the country
and got home with more money than I left with.

You don't need a bedroll because you can always roll up in paper
and sleep on cardboard, I rode halfway across the country without
even a long-sleeved shirt, then somebody gave me one, but still no
jacket, you've always got shelter, a freight car or the Salvation
Army, or other rescue missions, they'll give you clean clothes, let
you shower, feed you, find you a job, you can do that for 40 years if
you want to, I've met men who've done it, 20, 30, 40 years, some of
them worked occasionally, some just went from one Salvation Army to
another, personally I avoided them, but sometimes they are not too
bad, stale food from all the markets, but good food sometimes.