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"Small Space Object Could SLAM Earth in 30 years
Scientists have spotted a small asteroid or a piece of space junk
that they say has a 1-in-500 chance of hitting the Earth in 30 years-
far greater odds than any object ever discovered here to fore. If it
is an astroid and it hits the planet, "it would be equivalent to a
fairly sizable nuclear blast," said Donald (duck) Yeomans, manager of
the Near-Earth Object Program Office at NASA's Jet Propulsion
Laboratory. For now, though, that is"fairly low in terms of
concern."he said. (ed.note: We ain't to worried, a few million dead
third world niggers will be a blerssing,) The onject, designated 2000
SG344, is believed to be between 98 and 230 feet long. It was
discovered Sept. 29, 2000 through a telescope in Hawaii. The chance
of a collision is about a thousand times greater than for any other
astroid-like object that has been discovered, says Paul Chodas,
principal engineer of the NASA office. (ed. note: These writers love
redundantcy, don't they? This is a word for word repeat of Paragraph
one...) Current projectionms are that it will make its closet
approach to Earth on Sept. 21, 2030, but miss the planet by 15 times
the distance between the Earth and moon. (ed. note: that is double
talk. Jargonistic Jingoistic Tripe...) However, scientists are
uncertain about the exact orbit and cannot rule out the possibility
of a collision. More observations are needed to pin down the object's
size; right now, it is a 'bright spot' in space. But if it turns out
to be an asteroid, more than 23,000 tons of rock could come hurtling
through the atmosphere and slam into the planet. The orbit---
circular, close to the Sun and in the same plane as Earth's---is
unusual for an asteroid, leading to suspicions that it might be an
used rocket stage, possibly one jettisoned from an Apollo launch in
the 1970's, scientists said. (ed.note: more lies, all jettisoned
rocket components are equipped with radio tracking transmitters, for
monitoring...) In that case, the object would have a more lesser mass
and wouldn't not posde any bunch of big danger to the earth because
it would burn up in the atmosphere. (ed.note: obviously,
no 'scientist said this...) The object is about 8.4 million miles
from the Earth. (ed. note: the Sun is 93,100,000 miles from the
Earth; just above they said it was "close to the Sun'" obviously they
are not very knowledgable about how far 'close' means...could these
be Clinton appointees? The Moon is 238,840 miles from the Earth;
the 'scientists' state that it would 'miss the planet by 15 times the
distance between the Earth and the moon, so 15x238,840=3,582,600
miles! Okay, the smell of scatological propaganda gets stronger! Let
us SUBSTRACT the MARGIN of MISS from this OBJECT's "present" distance
from Earth, 8,400,000-3,582,600+4,817,400 miles. Using basic
Psychics, & Murphey's Law, I surmise that the CHANCE for it to
Just kidding, folks! but the FACT according to 'scientists' that it
is CLOSE to the SUN, then later stating it is 8,400,000 miles away is
TOTALLY REDICULIOUS: quite a difference between 8.4 million miles and
93,100,000 miles, the ACTUAL distance to the Sun, THIS IS WHAT IS
CALLED "SPIN>") final paragraph...The onject's discovery is the
product of an astroid hunting program that found more than 8,600
benign objects in September alone. How nice! How many OTHER MALIGNANT
OBJECTS were found, and HOW LONG has this program been going on?
Any way you cut the cake, the American public gets the crumbs
as for accurate and comprehensive news reporting, anyone that reads
with a little attention to the details finds she is being played for
a fool.