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John the CONQUORER Location: MEXICO Comments: Colonia Aleman Tijuana, B.C. Mexico 8/18/2003 Edit the ELIJAH RADIO PROPHET, Saturday, 22 March, 200... boxcarro View Delete the ELIJAH RADIO PROPHET, Saturday, 22 March, 2003the BAPTIST; saying:the Voice of One, crying in the WILDERNESS: preparing the High-Ways for Yahveh Elohim, eloi el Israel. Greetings, in the Nombre de El Todopoderoso, God Almighty, El Shadda-i, the God that Sees Us; Our Saviour. Let us Pray: We call upon the Holy One of Israel to Bless our Humble work, to Open our Eyes to Truth, & to Quicken our Hearts & Spirits, for His Work, for His message & for His Glory. Amen. Selah. HalleJew-Yah! Yahveh is Great & Terrable, His Words are Amen & Amen. He has done said: "If you all turn away from Me, & from the Laws and Commandments I have given you, and Fill the Soil with innocent blood, I WILL SURELY COME UPON YOU WITH FURY & WRATH and DESTROY THEE FOR THINE SINS AGAINST ME!" Well, brotherns & sisterns, Americay has done exactly that-there, to wit: Amricay has OPPOSED & REBELLED against YAHWEH ELOHIM: so you heatherns and Jezebel-ites are goin to EAT THE WRATH OF GOD: Death, Horror, Degredation, Shame, Abject Slavery, and afterwardly, ETERNAL TORMENT IN THE FIREY TORMENT OF HELL FIRE & DAMNATION, WITHOUT RESPITE, WITHOUT RELIEF, ETERNAL HORRID, AWFUL, ANGUISH, TORMENT, GNASHING of TEETHS, SCREAMING, BURNING in ETERNAL FIRES, WITH NO HOPE, AWFUL! However, you've done made up your minds that God ain't nothing but and "Old Wifes Tell," or a "Myth." Well, Mr. & Mrs. Smarty Breetches, when you hit them there FIREY FIRES OF TORMENT all you're high-falution smarty alecky notions won't not build a hill of beans, 'causing your a'goin to be SCREAMING so LOUD & HORRIBLEY that you will be BILLIONS of YEARS remorsing that your were so SMARTY BREETCHES and Couldnted see that GOD WERE REAL the whole times, for ever it is settled in heaven & in earth. HalleJew-Yah. Amen, Selah. Well, we just wanted to give you an token of encouragement, a'cause pretty soon the NAZI-SWINE-FACISTIST-4th.REICH U.N./USA New World Order Governance Peoples will be RULING that RELIGIOUS WRITINGS like thisa here will be "Criminal Hate Crimes" and "Punishabel by DEATH." Yep, sho' nuff, I done SEEN it in the Homeland Defence Anti-Terrorist Act #2, They are done RE-ENACTED them SEDITION ACT of 1932, and CRITICIZING the GOVERNMENT-even if they are DEVIL WORSHIPPERS, MURDERERS, BABY KILLERS, MONSTERIOUS NAZIS, UNCLEAN FAGGOTS & LESBIEANS, WHOREMONGERS with BEASTS and SWINES, etc. to SPEAK AFTER the DOCTRINES of YAHWEH, to HOLD Halachai, Torah, Holiness, Godliness is SEDITION, TREASON, reason for SECRET ARREST, SECRET KANGER-ROO COURT TRIAL, and SECRET EXECUTION, as an ENEMY of the STATE. Yep, sho'nuff, bretherns & sisternis, We'uns, whose Hearts are Steadfast in Bible Truth are TARGETED for EXTERMINATION. More Good News For Modern Man.... in our next a REPRINT of anothern ARTICLE for your Amusement & Educational Enlightenment... hoaxaca Boone County. arkansas homelessness | SATANIC RITUIAL MURDER CULT CONSPIRACIEY against JEWS The ESTABLISHing of "The 4th. REICH" with EXTERMINATION of "USELESS EATERS!" Homelessauthor: Homeless People Soon to be EXTERMINATED in NAZI DEATH CAMPS! e-mail: BOXCARRO@GMAIL.COM A 55 year old, HOMELESS/HOBO/HEBREW/RAIL-RIDING RABBI.....collabrates the FACTOIDS/EVEDINCE/OBVIOUS DESIGN of "Herr Bush's" 4th. Reich...AIDED & ABETTED by +TRAITORS+ viv/a/viv JIMMY CARTER (signed the RIO Summit TO OBLIGATE the USA to EXTERMINATE 80% of POPULATION (Homeless Holocaust!!!!) the Hobo Elijah Radio Prophet ¡รป Back to 8/19/2003